The Stranger

There was only a few in the bus. It was quite, the only sound was that of the engine, and unknown snores.

Why do you keep doing this to me ?”, her voice trembled. She was talking over the phone, but caught my attention.
I hate you. Please don’t talk to me… ever…. Don’t…. don’t do that… don’t patronize. Shut up…”, and broke into a cry.
It was loud enough, to take notice, a few looked at her. But didn’t bother to ask.
Maybe because she is a stranger, but she is a human.
Omg ! these morons, their responses enraged me.
She is stranger to me too, but she is a human being, just as i am.
I got up from my seat and walked upto her.
You okay ?”
She gasped and nodded yes, and started moaning again.
I sat next to her.
Who are you ?”, she asked, wiping tears with her hands.
I’m nobody”. I offered her a tissue paper.
Thank you”, she said, and carefully wiped tears off her eyes, without spoiling her mascara.
No mention please. Be strong miss. I have 99 problems, but look at me, i never let people know that i’m having a problem. Do you know ? My girlfriend is diagnosed with cancer. My apartment bill are on 6 months due. I was recently fired from my job. But look at me ? Do i look like a emotionally tired, debted jobless person ? I conceal it, what good will it do, if i show it in my face ?”
She was flummoxed. I found it satisfying.
Tell me sweetheart, what is your problem ?”. I lightly kept my hand on her shoulders.
My… brother… just… called…me… and… disclosed… the… spoiler of my favourite series.”

Expectation; an outré insight

“It’s the silly things that hurts”
“Like ?”, I asked.
“Being human”, he pelted without a thought.
“Why so ?” I asked, as I couldn’t suppress my curiosity.
“I wanted Doritos, but mom brought lays home. I thought i’ll get to eat Lays, but i didn’t. So i got all sad. But look at Pluto”
He threw a handful of chips to Pluto, and beackened him to eat it. Pluto scampered to site, and frantically mouthed it all with no time to spare. And stood there wetting his tongue and wagging his tail for a few more.
“See, i told you”
I rubbed my eyes and looked at him again, he was still my seven year old nephew, who gets 11 as sum when 1 and 1 are added.

– Akhil Sreedhar |© Quill revolution

Art source : pinterest