1. So rape depend on mood , I mean it’s hell,rape is a crime against woman’s dignity, her soul ,her very essence of being woman. It doesn’t mean that if your partner which is socially accepted, accepted personally by you,you share your whole life with him and one night he becomes animal, just like that. It’s ultra modern western idealism is going to crush humanity

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      2. Marriage is should never be a consent to rape, a person who doesn’t respect you as an individual, who don’t respect your “no”, is not someone worth spending lifetime with. Just because something is western doesn’t mean it’s bad, our traditional views on marriage and cultural expectations of subordination of a wife to her husband is a disgrace to our country. It’s time we bid a goodbye to misogynistic concepts of culture and substitute it with “what is good” (even if it’s western).

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      3. So it means that you’re sharing your whole life and can’t share mood , how can you defined a consent in case of happily married couple , it means last night you were night you were raped and today we gonna have fun


      4. That’s absurd. You’re sticking to the traditional views of marriage, there is too much emphasis on “sharing whole life”. Keeping up with the civil debate ettiquette, i don’t want to school you on it. What is rape ? Rape is when a person have sexual intercourse against the “individual’s consent”. So does a woman become less an individual after she have signed some legal papers to form alliance with a man ? Do you also support domestic violence ?

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      5. So from your point of view man can also become the victim of rape, is it so.i am not putting the traditional view I am just wondering about humanistic view, state has no buisness in what’s going in the bedroom of a person


      6. That’s just preposterous. Bedroom ? Really ? So how do you look the domestic violence ? Ain’t it too something that happens in a person’s bedroom ? I’m not trying to create a strawman. But according to you anything than happens inside a marital relationship is justifiable. And to you NHFS’s report (2005) that 35.5% of the Indian women falling victim of domestic violence, and 8.5% sexual violence (inside marriage) is a just a sham.

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      7. See I am Never gonna agree with the idea of marital rape , I think it’s a benifit of doubt given to women like 498A which can be easily manipulated and used for other benefits. Marrige is not only a social contract but a Spiritual relationship which can’t be challenged in the court of law


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