Expectation; an outré insight

“It’s the silly things that hurts”
“Like ?”, I asked.
“Being human”, he pelted without a thought.
“Why so ?” I asked, as I couldn’t suppress my curiosity.
“I wanted Doritos, but mom brought lays home. I thought i’ll get to eat Lays, but i didn’t. So i got all sad. But look at Pluto”
He threw a handful of chips to Pluto, and beackened him to eat it. Pluto scampered to site, and frantically mouthed it all with no time to spare. And stood there wetting his tongue and wagging his tail for a few more.
“See, i told you”
I rubbed my eyes and looked at him again, he was still my seven year old nephew, who gets 11 as sum when 1 and 1 are added.

– Akhil Sreedhar |© Quill revolution

Art source : pinterest


Have you ever ordered something over Amazon with much anticipation, enticed by the reference image ?

And when it reached your hand,

you end up depressed,

because it’s not what they pictured it to be,

because it’s not how you pictured yourself in it.

So is the potrayal of sex

in commercial porn, my friend.

(Sex education: Zeroth chapter)

– Akhil Sreedhar | © Quill revolution


He was lying on the floor climaxing his masterpiece, resting his chest on the shiny tiled floor, moving his legs back and froth. The floor looked messy with disheveledly dropped crumbled papers and crayons.
“Ayushhh”, called out an incited feminine voice from behind.
She then frantically stacked the green and pink crayons back to crayon box.
“Ayush ! Sky is not green. It’s blue. Plants are not pink. They’re green. How many times do i have to tell this to you”
“Atleast not in this paper, mumma”, he said innocently.

Akhil Sreedhar | © Quill revolution

Image source : pinterest